Rig Wash

Rig Wash is a concentrated industrial-strength cleaning compound designed and formulated for use in high-pressure steam cleaning equipment and hot water washers. When used as directed, the fast penetration and emulsifying action quickly removes heavy grease and oil deposits from oil field rigs, engine blocks, logging equipment, truck and trailer bodies and chassis, heavy road construction machinery and truck and bus fleet washing. Caution: This compound is not recommended for use on latex or other water-based painted surfaces.

Line Flush

Line Flush is a great product for saving money by reducing the need to use diesel when cleaning the lines on a drilling rig. This high pH, caustic concentrated product, when mixed with the appropriate amount of water, will save thousands of dollars for the operating company. Line Flush can also be adapted to several other uses as well.

Xtreme Clean

Xtreme Clean HD Degreaser is a unique blend of water soluble solvents and detergents used as a solution compound with steam cleaning equipment. This ultra-high alkaline concentrate is effective in cleaning power, however, it is not highly corrosive to aluminum or soft metals. Provides cleaning power not possible with powder compounds. This product is very effective in aiding steam cleaning of pipe, mixing tanks, engines and machinery containing waxes, parafines, heavy petroleum and dirt deposits. Deposits are removed rapidly, leaving a bright sparkling clean surface. This special blend of solvents will give good results on most any surface.

Super Stripper

Super Stripper’s highly concentrated formula is designed to clean large surfaces which allow cleaning crews to use less product for a more economic wash. An advanced corrosion inhibitor protects exposed metal surfaces from damaging rust as Muriatic acid-based cleaners cause. The safety of Super Strippers non-fuming, non-corrosive formula, make it easier for workers to use without the concerns of burns and irritation. This product is a safety director’s ideal product for use in their facilities as well as the owner operator. This product cuts through built-up concrete as quickly as strong acid-based cleaners.

Advantage Citric Acid

Advantage Citric Acid Brightener (ACAB) is a revolutionary blend of citric acid, surfactants and solvents that clean heavy dirt, grease and grime without the use of hydrofluoric acid. This unique blend achieves a cleaning quality equally to other acid detergents containing hydrofluoric acid. ACAB eliminates the toxic concerns associated with hydrofluoric acid and enhances safety concerns for your business. It is an excellent choice for the first step in a two-step wash system.

Red Baron Hand Cleaner

Red Baron is a red cherry scented heavy duty grease cutter that outguns grease and grime while outperforming leading solvent-based cleaners without cracking, whitening, or irritating hands. Contains lanolin and micro scrubbers. Good economical hand cleaner. For industrial and institutional use only. Not for household use. Before using any industrial product, read it’s material safety data sheet first. Keep out of the reach of children.

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